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RFID Masters offers custom encoding as an additional service for all of the RFID tags available for purchase.


Custom RFID printing always goes through a quoting and approval process, but a high level overview of our capabilities includes:
  • Encoding RFID tags with your preferred data.
  • Printing/Encoding Barcodes to label your tags.
  • Printing Images on your tags.
  • Expedited Fulfillment is available.

  • Lead Time:

    Lead time varies greatly depending on Volume and the requested Printing/Encoding options. Filling out our Quote Form below is the best way to find out lead time.

    How To Buy:

    The best way to inquire about Custom Encoding is by using “contact us” tab. A sales representative will reach out to you within a business day or sooner.

    Will all of the RFID Tags that I purchase be encoded?

    If it is vital to your application that your tags be delivered in a complete and perfect EPC memory sequence, please let our sales team know. Frequently, calibration issues create “skips” in the tag sequence that result in the sequence stretching over the number of tags that customers purchase. For example, instead of a sequence from 1-5000, a sequence might run from 1-5005 because 5 tags were “skipped” in the printing process due to voided tags. We can ensure that a roll is perfectly sequential, but we need to know that this is important to your application before we begin the printing process. Most applications only require that tags have unique identifiers, so this does not cause end user issues.

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